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LCSW Assists PD In The Arrest Of Three Egg-Throwing Suspects

PD have just arrested three males who allegedly threw eggs at pedestrians, cars and homes in the 5th and Private area. Police received a call a short time ago from an LCSW member who followed the suspects after he spotted them throwing the eggs outside of ‘Yukes’, at 5thand Private. The LCSW member remained on the phone withPD, giving them the exact location of the suspects. Several PD units caught up with the suspects moments later on Whitesville Road-at the Lakewood/Toms River border where the three teenagers were subsequently taken into custody. U/D 8:21 a.m. Arresting officers were: Kevin Doyle, Nate Montgomery, John Cradle & Anthony Carrebella. LCSW would also like to thank PD’s dispatcher Mark Rios for a job well done.