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LCSW Assists Police In Arrest Of Suspected Toy Thief

Police arrested a suspected toy-thief early this morning, with the assistance of the LCSW, sources say. At about 3:00 a.m., a resident observed a man picking up toys from the Forest Park neighborhood and placing them into his vehicle. The resident called the LCSW while following the vehicle with his.

The suspect stopped at the Taxi service station on Route 88 and South Clifton, where LCSW members pulled up as well.


Upon seeing the members, the suspect began threatening and harassing them, at which point police were called.

Multiple officers arrived within one minute, members say, and placed the man under arrest.

LCSW asks residents to park children’s bikes and toys indoors or locked up over night. They also ask that you contact police if you believe any of those toys may belong to you.