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LCSW Assists Police in DUI Arrest after Drunk Man Parks in Resident’s Driveway

A man driving under the influence was arrested and taken off the streets with the assistance of the Lakewood Civilian Safety Watch, TLS has learned.
On Thursday evening, LCSW received a phone call from a resident who arrived home from out of town to find a car parked in his driveway occupied but not running, LCSW tells TLS.


The LCSW member, also an EMT, responded to the scene to find the car occupied by a unknown man.

“I first looked to make sure the man was breathing and then contacted LPD and requested they send an officer out there,” the member told TLS.

Upon arrival, Lakewood Police officers questioned the man determined he was driving under the influence, LCSW says. The man was placed in custody by LPD.

LCSW over the years has assisted police in dozens of arrests, and has also received awards for their accomplishments. The organization, comprised of dozens of members, and members of the OEM, also assists police with directing traffic during storms and other emergencies in various capacities.