To Observe, To Detect, To Protect

LCSW Members Begin CERT Program

Apart from assisting with neighborhood security, the LCSW is often called upon by local officials to lend a hand in a host of other emergency situations. As essential personnel, they are regularly asked to participate in missing persons searches, blackouts, non-emergency transport and many other situations. There is a clear division of responsibilities between the various emergency response agencies whether they are governmental, private or civilian volunteers. Proper training and knowledge in the division of these responsibilities helps all parties involved understand each others role and facilitates smoother performance in times of crisis. As such, there has been a strong push over the years to have more of Lakewood’s civilian volunteer squads CERT trained and updated on any changes to that training. CERT, which stands for Community Emergency Response Training, is offered through the Ocean County Sherrif’s Office and familiarizes civilian squads with the nuts and bolts of the hierarchy that directs governmental emergency response agencies. The most recent, 50 hour, CERT course for LCSW members is being given at the Lakewood OEM building and was greatly facilitated by Chief Rob Lawson, OEM Coordinator and Deputy OEM Coordinator Kenny Dicks. As a commonly called upon local resource, the LCSW’s ongoing participation in this type of training continues to make them an integral part of the emergency services in Lakewood.