To Observe, To Detect, To Protect

LCSW Receives Volunteer Service Award of 2013 from Ocean County Freeholders

 The Ocean County Board of Chosen Freeholders, under the directorship of Jack Kelly, presented the Lakewood Civilian Safety Watch with a plaque of recognition honoring their dedicated service to the community for the year of 2013.

LCSW has contributed greatly to the safety of Lakewood, an Ocean County municipality, and their efforts have led to a number of arrests in serious cases handled by the Ocean County Prosecutor’s Office, which is under the jurisdiction of the Board of Freeholders. In addition, LCSW works closely with the county in regard to the local county owned parks, ensuring that they remain safe places for Ocean County families to enjoy.

Therefore, as the year 2013 drew to a close, the Freeholders expressed their appreciation to LCSW in the form of a plaque delineating the accomplishments of the organization during the year and recognizing the supreme dedication of its members.

“Every day LCSW carries on with its twofold mission: to provide a sense of security to the residents of Lakewood Township and partner with the Lakewood Police Department to keep Lakewood safe,” reads the plaque.

“The services provided by LCSW has afforded the residents of this Ocean County municipality a great measure of comfort and security,” says Freeholder director Jack Kelly. “We are grateful to LCSW for the assistance they provide in keeping the streets of Lakewood safe.”