To Observe, To Detect, To Protect

LCSW Members Trained by Lakewood Police Department at Annual Session

There is only one thing more comforting than knowing that there is an entire force of volunteer civilians dedicated to your safety and protection: knowing that there is an entire force of trained volunteer civilians dedicated to your safety and protection.

The members of the Lakewood Civilian Safety Watch were trained by the Lakewood Police Department at their annual training session last week, led by Captain Tommy Langenberger, who is a Lakewood Police Department Patrol Commander and the LCSW liaison to LPD.

Captain Langenberger explained some police protocols and procedures, as well as New Jersey state laws as pertaining to civilian patrols.

Some of the topics covered included signs to look out for that would designate a suspect as suspicious, safety measures that members must take to protect themselves, the difference between the rights of a sworn officer and a civilian and more.

Captain Langenberger also touched upon the judicial system, to train members on what to look out for on a call should they be subpoenaed as witnesses to a crime, giving them clarity on what information is important to the court system.

The event cemented the positive relationship between LCSW and the Lakewood Police Department.

The captain lauded the dedicated efforts of LCSW, as well as the other wonderful volunteer organizations who worked in unity during the recent ice storm to meet the needs of the community. He spoke on behalf of Police Chief Robert Lawson, who was not present but passed the message on that he wanted every single member to understand that the police department supports LCSW and is looking forward to working with them in keeping Lakewood safe.

The floor was then opened to the members, who brought up any questions they had. An intensive question and answer session ensued, as real life situations and quandaries were posed, resolved and rehashed. Members were able to get clarity on situations they weren’t sure about and receive guidance moving forward.

Mayor Menashe Miller addressed attendees, thanking them for their hard work, telling them how much he appreciates their great relationship with the police department and offering his services if there’s ever any way he can help.

Members left informed and invigorated, prepared to continue in their sacred mission of providing comfort and security for the residents of Lakewood.

“It was truly a pleasure to listen and learn from such a highly trained and experienced police supervisor like Captain Thomas Langenberger.  His informative presentation and highly educational question and answer session demonstrated his detailed understanding of the legal and public safety issues facing Lakewood today.  Captain Langenberger’s professional knowledge and example as a law enforcement officer is truly admirable,” says LCSW member Phil.