To Observe, To Detect, To Protect

LCSW Volunteers Assist in Arrest of Pushka Thief

This Monday the LCSW assisted in the arrest of a pushka thief, who may have actually been responsible for other thefts in the area. The thief, whose actions were captured on surveillance camera, walked into BP Graphics in downtown Lakewood in broad daylight and began filling out a form as if he was planning to make a printing order. He then surreptitiously placed his bag on the table trapping a pushka sitting there in between his chest and the bag. He then exited the store. Quick thinking LCSW volunteers who were in the building at the time and witnessed the incident immediately took action. While maintaining a safe distance, back up members were called to fan out in a perimeter around where the suspect was walking being careful not to arouse his suspicion. While maintaining full visual contact they called the LPD, which responded to the scene immediately with adequate manpower to take the suspect in to custody. This event is one more shining example of how quick thinking and response can serve to deter crime in Lakewood. The thief was caught with the pushka that contained approximately $32.00.

Several other Lakewood businesses also had their Pushkas stolen over the past week, including the South Side Sandwich Shop, and the Exxon. Additionally, LCSW members say the volunteer squad has been monitoring this suspicious individual for weeks, after receiving several calls about him.

The LCSW is a completely volunteer organization that relies heavily on tips from the public in conjunction with their own efforts. In the case of any suspicious events, residents are advised to contact the Lakewood Police Department immediately and call the LCSW 24 hour dispatch hotline at 732 367 1212.