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Man Attempted to Lure Young Girl to Vehicle

The Lakewood Civilian Safety Watch is asking parents to be vigilant after a man attempted to lure a young girl to his vehicle.
LCSW tells TLS the six year-old girl was waiting for bus in Lakewood on Monday, when a man, described as a Hispanic male driving a light brown Chevy Astro, motioned to the girl to come to his vehicle.


The child panicked and ran back inside her home, LCSW says.

A police report was filed as well, LCSW says.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Police at 732-363-0200, and LCSW at 732-367-1212.

LCSW over the years has assisted police in dozens of arrests, and has also received awards for their accomplishments. The organization, comprised of dozens of members, and members of the OEM, also assists police with directing traffic during storms and other emergencies in various capacities.