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Police Apprehend Bike Thief; LCSW Assisted in Arrest

Photos of a an alleged bike thief posted on TLS helped police identify the man and charge him, Detective Lieutenant Steve Allaire confirms to TLS.

The suspect, Gregory Brown, approximately 40 years old, was caught on video stealing a bike at DB Electronics.

The victim reached out and submitted photo stills of the video to TLS in hopes of someone identifying the suspect. And it worked.
When the suspect attempted to sell an expensive bike for about $20 on Park Avenue on Thursday, patrolling members from LCSW realized something was suspicious. And after realizing the shoes matched those of the suspect whose photos were posted on TLS, the members stalled the suspect – making believe they were interested in purchasing the bike – while they phoned police.

Police arrived, and arrested the man on warrants, and later found the green jacket the suspect was wearing in the photos of the Clifton Avenue bike theft.

The suspect was charged with theft based on the photos and subsequent identifying, and was transported to Ocean County Jail, Allaire says.