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Woman’s Stolen iPad Recovered by LCSW with the Assistance of LPD

[TLS] A Brooklyn woman’s iPad stolen Thursday evening in Lakewood was recovered today by the Lakewood Civilian Safety Watch, with the assistance of the Lakewood Police Department, TLS has learned.

The woman came to Lake Terrace Thursday evening for the Bonei Olam event, but when she returned home she realized the iPad she had left in her vehicle was gone, an LCSW coordinator tells TLS.

This morning, the woman – who had been unsuccessful in locating the iPad via ‘pinging’ due to the tablet being off – phoned LCSW in hopes of retrieving the iPad, and provided the organization with the necessary information to attempt to locate it.

LCSW members immediately began ‘pinging’ the iPad, and were finally successful in retrieving a location of the stolen item. The pinging pointed to a Cedar Court address, the coordinator says.

The members immediately phoned police, who met with members at the LCSW headquarters to take a report.

After taking the report, Officer Matthew Moore, along with other officers, went down to the pinged address in an attempt to retrieve the iPad.

With officers showing up at the door, the alleged thief – who was working at the hall that night – immediately returned the iPad to the officer, though he claimed he had found it, the LCSW coordinator says.

“His story then changed several times,” the coordinator said.

Police took possession of the iPad, and intend on returning it tomorrow. [TLS-UCTF]