Your Safety, Our Commitment

About Us

Lakewood Civilian Safety Watch is a volunteer organization founded to help keep the streets of Lakewood safe. As the eyes and ears of the community, LCSW serves as a vital complement to local emergency agencies. Nightly patrols comprised entirely of volunteers cruise the darkened neighborhoods, ever vigilant for the sign of someone or something suspicious. These patrols are beyond the scope of the police department and provide an extra layer of security to Lakewood’s streets. Many would-be criminals are deterred from carrying out their nefarious activities because they know the likelihood of detection is increased due to the ever-steady presence of LCSW patrols.

When a loved one goes missing, panic sets in and the terror is indescribable. With efficiency and professionalism, LCSW coordinates a search and rescue team, working hand in hand with local volunteer and emergency agencies to maintain an effective and thorough search. Dozens of missing persons, both children and adults, have been located and returned to their worried families by devoted LCSW volunteers.

LCSW also maintains a 24-hour hotline where residents can call in their fears and suspicions.  Members are dispatched to the scene immediately and arrive within moments. They then determine if police intervention is necessary,  sparing valuable police resources for true emergencies.

For many, that number is a lifeline, the ticket to peace of mind.

For years, LCSW has provided that comfort for the Lakewood community, that reassurance that there is somewhere to turn in that moment of panic, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

LCSW has brought safety and security to the streets of Lakewood by the mere fact of its existence, by being there, on the roads and on the phone, for the citizens of Lakewood.

While our operations are run on an almost completely volunteer basis, there are many expenses involved in maintaining such an extensive organization, including:

  • Outfitting our members with up-to-date equipment and communication devices to ensure their safety and their ability to respond to calls expediently.
  • Sustaining a state-of-the-art communication and dispatch system that has proven its effectiveness time and time again, with responders arriving on scene minutes after a call comes in.
  • Maintaining the upkeep of our vehicles
  • Instituting various safety initiatives throughout town to raise awareness and to protect the safety of the innocent

And more…

Neighborhoods and communities with civilian watches see a reduction in crime and an increase in safety and quality of life.

We are advocates for your safety; we are your neighbors and your friends, those truly valuable ones who drop everything and rush to your side on a moment’s notice; we are your source of support, of comfort and of reassurance.

You know you can turn to us with your fears and your doubts, with your suspicions and your concerns. We work behind the scenes, inconspicuous but vigilant,  ensuring that the citizens of Lakewood can feel safe walking the streets of this town and going to sleep at night.

On this website you will find but a glimpse of the extensive activities of LCSW We are here for you twenty-four hours a day, but we rely on you to support us so that we can continue to be here for you.