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LCSW Assists PD In Apprehending Suspects’ Vehicle

At approximately 1:30 a.m. yesterday, LPD and LCSW were notified by a complainant who had eggs thrown at him at 10th & Clifton by a passing dark blue SUV and got a plate number and description of the SUV. Lt. Gregg Meyer personally responded to the scene along with two other officers and had immediately sent officers out on the lookout for the SUV. Moments later, the SUV was spotted by an LCSW member on Central ave heading towards Jackson. PD was immediately notified and Officer Kevin Doyle eventually caught up with the SUV at a residence. The driver, a teenager, admitted that his friend-the passenger and also a teen-had thrown the eggs. However, by the time the officer caught up to the SUV, the passenger had already fled by foot. No arrests were made at the time. Detective Daniel Tworkoski is working on the case.