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LCSW Assists Police In Arrest Following Road Rage Incident

A road rage incident resulted in the arrest of a man, located with the assistance of LCSW. The incident began about 6:45 PM when two Hispanic males jumped out of their vehicle and began banging on another vehicle’s window following a road incident.

While banging on the windows, one of the Hispanic males – who appeared to be intoxicated – reportedly began threatening the motorist and claimed he had a gun. The two men then fled.


LCSW and police were called in an attempt to locate the parties, and were given a description of the vehicle as well as the license plates.

Upon arrival, police searched for the suspect’s vehicle, but were unable to locate it.

In the meantime, several members from LCSW circled the area in search of the vehicle and spotted it parked in a driveway around the corner from where the incident took place.

Police were notified and approached the home in an attempt to speak to the suspects, but as they approached the home, the suspects ran from the home through the backyard.

Police caught up with the suspects and tackled the male suspected of having a gun. He was arrested.