To Observe, To Detect, To Protect

Members with a Mission: LCSW Annual Members Meeting Talks Achievements, Aspirations and Appreciation

The close to forty people gathering in a conference room at Town Hall this past Motzaei Shabbos shared a singular mission: to help protect the safety of Lakewood residents, often at great personal sacrifice. The dedicated members of LCSW came together for their annual members meeting, where, amidst the camaraderie that characterizes this close-knit nature of this organization, they reflected on the accomplishments of the past year and focused on goals to accomplish, moving forward.
The Melava Malka was held in Town Hall and brought together almost every member, including many who’ve been on the force for over eight years.
The event was graced with the presence of Deputy Mayor Isaac Akerman, who is a staunch supporter and advocate of LCSW,  recognizing the sense of security and comfort such an organization brings to the residents it serves when they know they have an address to turn to in case of any fear or suspicion before a crime has actually been committed. His deep appreciation of LCSW is manifested in his willingness to do anything he can to help the organization at any time.
Another prominent attendee was Mr. Larry Loigman Esq, one of LCSW’s legal counsels.
The program began with an overview of the phenomenal success LCSW has achieved in 2013, including the establishment of a new record in arrests made with LCSW assistance, the inception of a dozen new members and several dispatchers, the purchase of 2 new professionally marked vehicles, the completion of the first CERT (community Emergency Response Team) training in LCSW history, the implementation of several crucial and innovative programs designed to increase safety and awareness on the streets of Lakewood, and more.
Some of the many goals outlined for the year 2014 include recruiting additional volunteers, undergoing regular training, working closely with Rabbanim on halachic safety and security of congregants, addressing the growing problem of cleaning lady theft and increasing security in neighborhoods on Shabbos and Yom Tov.
The overarching goal of LCSW for the current year and many more years to come is to allow every Lakewood resident to sleep peacefully and to elevate the streets and neighborhoods of our beautiful town to unprecedented levels of safety and security.
The amiable affair included a question and answer session as the floor was opened to members who wanted to voice recommendations and ideas to enhance the services provided by LCSW. Members took the opportunity to weigh in on what they felt the organization had accomplished and on programs and procedures  LCSW could implement to better serve every single resident of Lakewood.
The members left invigorated, with a renewed sense of pride in their lifesaving mission to maintain a visible presence on the streets of Lakewood and a constant address for residents to turn to with their fears, concerns and suspicions.