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Pair Scamming Lakewood Residents Arrested With Assistance of LCSW

A man and woman allegedly scamming Lakewood residents for weeks now, was arrested this evening with the assistance of LCSW.

At about 10 PM, LCSW received several phone calls about a suspicious pair – a black male and white female -asking people for money, claiming their vehicle broke down and needed money to fix it.

Police were called, but were reportedly unable to locate the pair.

However, an LCSW coordinator advised police that based on the numerous calls they’ve received about them over the past few weeks, the pair was indeed suspicious and suggested police send additional officers to locate them.

An LCSW member patrolling the area of South Lake Drive – the last given location of the pair – located the pair, and was in fact approached by them.

After asking the member for money as well, the member – with knowledge about their apparent scam – offered to have their vehicle fixed at no charge. But they rejected the offer, claiming they needed the money.

Moments later, with the assistance of LCSW, police located the pair, and stopped them.

It turns out they had warrants out for their arrests, and were taken into custody.