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Lakewood Civilian Safety Watch is a volunteer organization founded to help keep the streets of Lakewood safe. As the eyes and ears of the community, LCSW serves as a vital complement to local emergency agencies. Nightly patrols comprised entirely of volunteers cruise the darkened neighborhoods, ever vigilant for the sign of someone or something suspicious. These patrols are beyond the scope of the police department and provide an extra layer of security to Lakewood’s streets. Many would-be criminals are deterred from carrying out their nefarious activities because they know the likelihood of detection is increased due to the ever-steady presence of LCSW patrols.

When a loved one goes missing, panic sets in and the terror is indescribable. With efficiency and professionalism, LCSW coordinates a search and rescue team, working hand in hand with local volunteer and emergency agencies to maintain an effective and thorough search. Dozens of missing persons, both children and adults, have been located and returned to their worried families by devoted LCSW volunteers.



Latest News

LCSW: Keep our Children Safe as they Go Back-to-School

The streets of Lakewood are once again teeming with the usual traffic, with hundreds of school buses dominating the roads,transporting ou... Read More

LCSW Gives Tips and Precautions to Protect Your Home While You are Away

Bein Hazemanim is upon us, a time when many hardworking Lakewood families take a well-deserved break from routine to refresh and invigora... Read More

NJ teen arrested for harassing Orthodox Jewish women

A wannabe gang member was busted Tuesday for harassing Orthodox Jewish women in New Jersey as part of a... Read More

LCSW Assists Police in DUI Arrest after Drunk Man Parks in Resident’s Driveway

A man driving under the influence was arrested and taken off the streets with the assistance of the Lakewood Civilian Safety Watch, TLS h... Read More

Town Square on Wheels: Lakewood Civilian Safety Watch’s Bike Registration and Safety Event Attracts Thousands

In total, police estimates place the total of attendees at an astounding 6,000, and the children kept coming.
The lines for bike r... Read More

Police Apprehend Bike Thief; LCSW Assisted in Arrest

Photos of a an alleged bike thief posted on TLS helped police identify the man and charge him, Detective Lieutenant Steve Allaire confirm... Read More

LCSW: Protect Your Bikes, Protect Yourselves

An ounce of prevention will save you a pound of heartache. ‎The beautiful weather we have eagerly anticipated is finally here. Bike r... Read More

LCSW Advises Alertness on Mischief Night

The LCSW would like to remind everyone that tonight, Mischief Night, vigilance is recommended. Incidents on this day have drastically gon... Read More

Man Attempted to Lure Young Girl to Vehicle

The Lakewood Civilian Safety Watch is asking parents to be vigilant after a man attempted to lure a young girl to his vehicle.

... Read More

LCSW Helps Take Drunk Driver Off the Roads

An alleged drunk driver was taken off the roads and arrested last night before he could harm anyone, thanks to the Lakewood Civilian Safe... Read More

Woman’s Stolen iPad Recovered by LCSW with the Assistance of LPD

A Brooklyn woman’s iPad stolen Thursday evening in Lakewood was recovered today by the Lakewood Civilian Safety Watch, with the ass... Read More

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony Held for New LCSW Vehicle Sponsored by Honda Universe

At the Night Out Against Crime yesterday evening, the Lakewood Civilian Safety Watch rolled out a new patrol vehicle. The vehicle, an SUV... Read More

LCSW Joins in Paying Tribute to Our Soldiers

Today, Memorial Day, the Lakewood Civilian... Read More

LCSW Assists with Arrest in Attempted Kidnapping Case

A‎ man was arrested a short time ago for an attempted kidnapping, Detective Sergeant Greg Staffordsmith confirms.

... Read More

LCSW Members Trained by Lakewood Police Department at Annual Session

There is only one thing more comforting than knowing that there is an entire force of volunteer civilians dedicated to your safe

... Read More

Members with a Mission: LCSW Annual Members Meeting Talks Achievements, Aspirations and Appreciation

The close to forty people gathering in a conference room at Town Hall this past Motzaei Shabbos shared a singular mission: to help protec... Read More

LCSW: Mayor Miller Injured in This Morning’s Treacherous Weather

Lakewood Civilian Safety Watch would like to extend our heartfelt wishes for a Refuah Shelaimah to the Mayor of Lakewood, Mayor Menashe M... Read More

30 LCSW Members Graduate CERT Basic Response Training

Last week about 30 LCSW members participated in a 50-hour CERT training held in conjunction with the Lakewood OEM at the OEM headquarters... Read More

LCSW Receives Volunteer Service Award of 2013 from Ocean County Freeholders

The Ocean County Board of Chosen Freeholders, under the directorship of Jack Kelly, presented the Lakewood Civilian Safety Watch with a p... Read More

LCSW Assists Police With Arrest of Man With Warrant

A man with a warrant was arrested early this morning with the assistance of the Lakewood Civilian Safet... Read More

Honda Universe Donates New Vehicle to LCSW

Honda Universe Donates New Vehicle to LCSW Honda Universe, a President’s Awards Dealership, Route 88, Lakewood, recently donated a new H... Read More

LCSW Volunteers Assist in Arrest of Pushka Thief

This Monday the LCSW assisted in the arrest of a pushka thief, who may have actually been responsible for other thefts in the area. The&n... Read More

Imperial Hosts Fundraising Luncheon on Behalf of LCSW

Mr. Asher Brodt of Imperial Real Estate hosted a fundraising luncheon on behalf of LCSW in the state-of-the-art conference room at the Im... Read More

LCSW Members Begin CERT Program

Apart from assisting with neighborhood security, the LCSW is often called upon by local officials to lend a hand in a host of other emerg... Read More

2 Burglary Suspects Arrested With Assistance of LCSW; Found in Possession of Look-alike Handgun, Other Items

The Lakewood Civilian Safety Watch assisted in the arrest of two juveniles attempting to burglarize vehicles early this morning.

... Read More

LCSW Aids in Location of Township Employee’s Car Attackers on Mischief Night

You would think you could feel safe driving around in your own neighborhood. But unfortunately that is not always the case. One of our lo... Read More

Pair Scamming Lakewood Residents Arrested With Assistance of LCSW

A man and woman allegedly scamming Lakewood residents for weeks now, was arrested this evening with the assistance of LCSW.

... Read More

Alleged Drunk Driver Takes Out Pole; Arrested With Assistance of LCSW

An alleged drunk driver crashed into and snapped a pole this evening, and then attempted to run from the scene, as earlier reported on ou... Read More

LCSW Locates Missing Dog

A woman’s screams for help in the street turned into praise after members from the Lakewood Civil... Read More

LCSW Members Honored by Township for Assisting in Arrests

Several members from the Lakewood Civilian Safety Watch were honored Thursday evening by the Township and Police Department for assisting... Read More

Officials Take Part in Dedication Ceremony for New LCSW Patrol Vehicle

Officials this afternoon joined the Lakewood Civilian Safety Watch (LCSW) in welcoming a new vehicle to... Read More

LCSW Assists Police In Arresting 2 For Burglarizing Vehicles

Two men who allegedly burglarized multiple vehicles, were just arrested with the assistance of LCSWRead More

LCSW Assists Police In Arrest Following Road Rage Incident

A road rage incident resulted in the arrest of a man, located with the assistance of LCSW. The incident... Read More

LCSW Assists Police In Arrest For Theft

LCSW this morning assisted police in the arrest of a man accused of stealing a bike from a resident. LC... Read More

LCSW Assists Police In Arrest Of Suspected Toy Thief

Police arrested a suspected toy-thief early this morning, with the assistance of the LCSW, sources say.... Read More

LCSW Assists PD In The Arrest Of Three Egg-Throwing Suspects

PD have just arrested three males who allegedly threw eggs at pedestrians, cars and homes in the 5th an... Read More

LCSW Assists PD In Apprehending Suspects’ Vehicle

At approximately 1:30 a.m. yesterday, LPD and LCSW were notified by a complainant who had eggs thrown a... Read More

Lakewood Civilian Safety Watch Assists Police in Making Arrests

This past Motzei Shabbos, Lakewood’s Civilian Safety Watch assisted the LPD in apprehending 2 suspects for breaking into cars.

... Read More

LCSW Gets New Patrol Vehicle

Click through to page 7 to see the article.

... Read More

20 LCSW Members Begin Cert Program

Apart from assisting with neighborhood security, the LCSW is often called upon by local officials to lend a hand in a host of other emerg... Read More

LCSW Assists in Arrest of Suspected Burglars

Once again, the LCSW has played an integral role in the arrest of two would be burglars, helping keep the streets of Lakewood safe for al... Read More

LCSW Assists Police in Arresting Man with Outstanding Warrant

Once again, LCSW has proved its value by helping police make yet another arrest.

... Read More

LCSW Rolls Out New Vehicle

When the Lakewood Civilian Safety Watch was founded several years ago, it was greeted by some skepticism from the populace. Many were uns... Read More

Lakewood Children Invited to Design LCSW Shabbos Patrol Badge

An exciting announcement came from the Lakewood Civilian Safety Watch (LCSW) patrol this week, both for the heroic members of the LCSW an... Read More

Unveiling of the new LCSW car sponsored by Honda Universe

Unveiling of the new LCSW car sponsored by Honda Universe

... Read More

C.E.R.T. graduation ceremony for 33 volunteers held in town hall

After a six-week long, comprehensive Community Emergency Response Team course, known as C.E.R.T., more than 30 Lakewood residents, all vo... Read More

PHOTOS: Lakewood Civilian Safety Watch pays Tribute to those who work to keep our Children Safe

The annual event is held to pay tribute to individuals and groups who have proven to be partners in LCSW’s mission to keep the stre... Read More

LCSW’s Call it Safe Keeps Lakewood Informed

Therefore, the launching of the Lakewood Civilian Safety Watch’s new Call it Safe weather hotline couldn’t have possibly come... Read More

Play It Safe for Your Safety

‘Play It Safe’ got Lakewood’s finest men and women all worked up as they put their bowling skills to test at the annual... Read More

Volunteers from LCSW have headed to Far Rockaway

Volunteers from LCSW have headed to Far Rockaway to assist in the search for a missing man. Little information was released thus far, but... Read More

LCSW Shabbos Patrol Members Train Before Pesach

Following Lakewood Civilian Safety Watch’s Halachah and Emergencies shiur for its members, the organization held a follow-up lectur... Read More

Emergency In Halacha’ Shiur Held For LCSW Members

Last week, an “Emergencies in Halacha” Shiur was held for LCSW members.

... Read More

MONOC Donates Vehicle to Lakewood Civilian Safety Watch

They expressed their appreciation in the form of the vehicle donation, which will allow LCSW to increase the scope of their operations on... Read More

Backbone during the Blizzard: A Peek at LCSW’s Round the Clock Storm Operations

It’s hard to be prepared for a storm of the magnitude we’ve just experienced


... Read More

Thousands Enjoy LCSW-LPD Joint Bike and Pedestrian Event

Thursday marked the annual LCSW-LPD Bike and... Read More

Lakewood Puts Safety First

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Lakewood Lines Up to Buckle Up

... Read More

Thank You LCSW

Reader-submitted: We would like to take this mome... Read More

Rise in bike thefts in Lakewood

LCSW is receiving reports of significant numbers ... Read More

Keep Your Children Safe This Summer: Groundbreaking LCSW project to facilitate safe return of lost children

Imagine the panic of a small child, who only mome... Read More

Thousands participate in 3rd annual LPD/LCSW Bike & Pedestrian Safety Event

Friday marked the 3rd annual joint Lakewood Polic... Read More

presentation to school children

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